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Dock for International Drago
Motor-boats Dock for 2008 U.
Dock & Show stage for Intern
Dock for 2006
Dock for 2007 F1 U.I.M World
Floating landing dock for Gu
Boat dock for China Open Sai
Boat docks and floating plat
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   Boat dock
Boat dock in Xiaowan
Case: Boat dock in Xiaowan 
Time: 2010-12           
Location: Xiaowan, Yunnan
   Boat dock
Boat dock in Xiangfan
Case: Boat dock in Xiangfan
Time: 2010-09       
Location: Xiangfan, Hubei
   Boat dock
Boat dock in Jiayu
Case: Boat dock in Jiayu
Time: 2010-06         
Location: Jiayu,Hubei
   Boat dock
Boat dock in Xiuying port
Case: Boat dock in Xiuying port 
Time: 2010-04        
Location: Xiuying port ,Haikou
   Boat dock
Boat dock in Jinghong
Case: Boat dock in Jinghong
Time: 2010-03       
Location: Jinghong,Yunnan
   Boat dock
Boat dock in Sanya
Case: Boat dock in Sanya
Time: 2009-11     
Location: Sanya,Hainan
   Boat dock
Boat dock fro Wudang Mountains
Case: Boat dock in Wudang  
Time: 2009-7     
Location: Shiyan Wudang Mountains 
   Boat dock
Boat dock in Lanchangjiang
Case: Boat dock in Lanchangjiang
Time: 2008-12   
Location: Manwan,Yunnan
   Boat dock
Boat dock in xiamen
 Case: Boat dock in xiamen
 Time: 2008-2 
 Location: xiamen ,Fujian
   Boat dock
Boat dock
 Case: Boat dock for Wan-Jia-Xia reservoir in Xihe county 
 Time: 2007-8 
 Location: Xihe  , Gansu 
   boat dock
boat dock
 Case: Multi-functional boat dock for Golden Ox lake in Nanjing,Jiangsu Province 
 Time: 2005-8 
 Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu  
   Boat dock
Boat dock
 Case: Boat dock & 450M floating bridge in Three gorges of Yangtze River 
 Time: 2005-5 
 Location: Yichang, Hubei  
   boat dock
boat dock
 Case: Multi-functional boat dock for Longlife Lake in Chong Qing City
Time: 2005-4
Location: Chongqing  
   Yacht dock
Yacht dock
 Case: Yacht dock for Fu-Rong river in Wulong, Chong Qing City 
 Time: 2004-8 
 Location: Chongqing  
   boat docks
boat docks
 Case: Yacht , motor boat docks & fish culture net cage for Bosten Lake in Xinjiang Province 
 Time: 2004-6 
 Location: Xinjiang  
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