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[Characteristics & Value]
Using HMWHDPE as raw materials with other additaments, resistant to corrosion, frost, UV rays, oxygenation, chemical reactions and oil. 100% recyclable, no pollution & absolutely environmental friendly.
Anti-sliding design on the surface and the round smooth corners secure the usual dangers happened to cement & woods constructions, for exemples, sliding, injuries by hook or nails.
High floating load capacity, stable and durable: + 320 kg / ©O
Cost advantages: +15 years l ife circle, almost without any needs for maintenance or repair.
Easy, quick & flexible assembly as well as dismantling for various configurations wished. Combi-Cubes modular system offers the possibilities for changing the configuration forms according to the site necessities.
The constructions with various colorful Combi-Cubes combinations offer an esthetically beautiful views and reach a high quality standard.

To the Combi-Cubes constructions, it can also be equipped with suitable accessories for completing the usage, for exemple, boat hooks, anti-collision rubber ball, bridges, etc.

Model A

Dimention:50cm x 50cm x 40cm (L x W x H) ¡À 0.3cm

Weight: ca.7kg/ pc ¡À 0.2kg/ pc

Floating capacity: ca. 320 kg/©O
Raw material:HMWHDPE
Execution standard:Q/OYYA11-2016
Colors available:
orange  deep blue   green   gray    black   caramel

Model B

Dimention:50cm x 50cm x 40cm (L x W x H) ¡À 0.3cm

Weight: ca.7kg/ pc ¡À 0.2kg/ pc

Floating capacity: ca. 320 kg/©O
Raw material:HMWHDPE
Colors available:
orange  gray

Model C

Dimention: 50cm x 50cm x 25cm (L x W x H) ¡À 0.3cm

Weight: ca.5.6kg/ pc ¡À 0.2kg/ pc

Floating capacity: ca. 220 kg/©O

Raw material: HMWHDPE

Colors available:

orange   deep blue   green   gray   black  caramel

Model V

Dimention: 50cm x 50cm x 30cm (L x W x H) ¡À 0.3cm

Weight: ca.5.8kg/ pc ¡À 0.2kg/ pc

Raw material: HMWHDPE
Colors available:
orange  deep blue   green   gray    black   caramel

Model U

Dimention: 100cm x 50cm x 30cm (L x W x H) ¡À 0.3cm

Weight: ca.10.5kg/ pc ¡À 0.2kg/ pc

Raw material: HMWHDPE
Colors available:
orange   gray

Marina, ferry terminal, motor boat docks,  Floating dock,

Pontoon, water trails, water corridors, water platform, sightseeing pontoon

Water performance stage, water stage,
water platforms, floating platforms,Water table, moving raft, water huts

Water performance stage, water stage,

The main features of the Combi-Cubes are the four fixing lugs around the cube and the pin in the middle which holds the four lugs coming together when we assemble 1 ©O with 4 Combi-Cubes. In this module system way, we can expand the assembled surfaces to any form, any size as we wish. The Combi-Cubes can also be used for 2 thickness, this means 2 levels of Combi-Cubes fixing with longer pin.

Certificate of the quality of Combi-Cubes

Subject£ºCertificate of the quality of  Combi-Cubes                
Time£º 2018-5    
Description£ºCertificate for green &
                    hygienic tests

   Register o
Register of  Shipping's certificate

Suject: Register of  Shipping's certificate

Time: 2010-7

   Burning Te
Burning Test
Subject: Burning Test
Time: 2014-6
Description: Set fire over the Combi-Cubes with gasoline,the fire was extinguished automatically after the gasoline was burned out.Only a minimum carbonized surface of  the Combi-Cubes was caused.  A lowest burning point and highest melting point of the Combi-Cubes are assured.
Collision Test
Subject: Collision Test
Time: 20014-6
Description: Only a surface deformation was caused dropping an iron object of 25kgs from 5 m height. The structure of the platform undamaged. This deformation can easily be replaced by putting new Combi-Cubes.
Elongation Test
Subject: Collision Test
Time: 2014-6
Description: Every lug of the sole Combi-Cube can afford 1000 kgs extension power without being deformed or broken.   

Short Pin                           Long Pin                          ShortScrew&Nut                        Washer


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